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CSS flex: stretch items in one-column mode

If you build a display: flex layout, to fit items in a responsive two-column layout (flex: 0 0 50%), you […]

RxJs Observable acting as BehaviorSubject

The goal is to load data initially from a Promise (or somewhere else) into an Observable. Late subscribers shall get […]

Running Gitea behind Plesk Onyx

Just install Gitea as proposed in documentation I changed the execution port to 3001, because of an existing, running […]

Resolved: Git line-endings

Usually, most cross-platform or cross-IDE projects have issues with line-endings. If some of the project’s contributor or developer does not […]

Activate RequestContext within (managed) executor

The specification of JEE defines, that only the ApplicationScope and DependentScope have to be activated within an executed thread (managed or […]

Find duplicated items in 2 Collections with Lambda expressions

Imagine a case, where items of two Collections need to be filtered out, which are contained in both. But not […]

Distribute CDI Events between different EARs

A typical JEE application consists of or is devided in different EARs or WARs to seperate concerns or to be encoupled during […]